Development Consultancy

We are able to assist clients in establishing the viability of developments prior to major design work being commissioned. These services aim to provide information to assist the decision making process before any significant financial commitment is made.

Planning Policy Appraisal and Report Scoping

We can undertake research to establish the viability of a development site for its proposed use through liaison with Planning Officers and establishing local and national policy constraints.

Ordnance Survey and Topographical Survey

We can procure existing site plans from online digital mapping services and/or bespoke site surveys to establish topography and other existing data to inform the design process..

Schematic Layouts

We can undertake schematic design sketches to establish suitable forms and the potential size of development for the site in question. We will typically consider alternative approaches to arrive at a preferred design strategy.

Site Investigation, Contamination and Evaluation

We thoroughly investigate the physical characteristics of a site through desktop/intrusive studies to inform design, projected costings and establish any abnormal cost associated with the site at an early stage.

Flood Risk

With the ever increasing requirements to mitigate flood risk through Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions (SUDS), we can advise on strategy in house and through our retained sub consultants to achieve compliance as cost effectively as possible.

Budget Development Appraisal

Through our close working relationships with retained cost consultants and contractors we are able to provide realistic build costs for all forms of development.

Funding Streams

There are many local funding initiatives available to assist development, and we are able to advise and assist throughout the application process. Although we are not able to offer any guarantees, we have been able to deliver funding assistance of up to 20% of development costs on recent schemes.


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