Business Growth Funding in Gainsborough

If you have a business in Gainsborough and are thinking of carrying out any development or expansion works, it would be very beneficial for you to read on.

Are you aware that you may be able to secure funding to assist you as the Gainsborough Growth Fund aims to support the growth of businesses in the town by providing grants to enable the delivery of a specific development project which will facilitate the creation of new jobs or safeguard existing jobs. It focuses on the professional fees and technical survey costs relating to Feasibility and Planning works (up to £10k) and then the capital activities, including investment in sites and premises and/or the purchase of equipment relating to the Development work, which would follow on from the Feasibility and Planning works (£10k up to £100k – no more than 25% total project costs)

Click on the attached link to see full info and also call our Scunthorpe office on 01724 278155 to arrange to discuss the Professional Services costs with one of our team, as you need to quote the figure on your grant application.